So for my third post, I’ve finally decided to explain why I chose Modern Ideals.
I find myself questioning our way of life. I’m on the tail end of my 20s, sitting back and realizing we are royally screwing things up.
Our priorities are backwards. Our beliefs are backwards. History is repeating itself and so not in a good way.
I will take time to note I am very much a political liberal. I have tattoos. I have a professional job which may become a career, or least push me in to a career. I can be a walking contradiction, because I view each topic and issue as a separate incident to be reviewed and inspected. I am pro-choice, support the LGBT community and gay marriage, just as much as I support traditional marriage, as well as interracial relationships. To each his own, as long as you respect that we are all human, and deserve to be treated with respect. I have no tolerance for violence and strongly believe in the death penalty. I abhor people who have children just to receive free government help, or have children as a means to trap someone. A child is an innocent, and should never be used as a bargaining tool. I think (almost) everyone needs to get their head out of their ass and realize Facebook is not a way of life – you know who you are.
So here’s the deal – I think we, as a world, need to take a step back and think about what truly matters in life. The basics should be non-negotiable and equally affordable: food, shelter, clean water. Adequate basic medical treatment including vaccines. There are people in this world starving and dying from curable, preventable diseases. Next, treat others as you would like to be treated. People shooting, maiming and killing each other over differences in personal beliefs is asinine.
If you have found a way to become rich and/or famous – awesome for you, truly. Now use that fame and glory for something good please, not just on drugs or alcohol or expensive cars you ultimately crash because you’re drunk or high. Thank you to those who do give back. I hope you realize that some of us stuck in the middle class and struggling genuinely appreciate when you help out those less fortune. Even though I’m broke, I give when I can, because I know someone somewhere has it worse than I do.
I’ll come down off my high horse. I am not perfect, nor will I ever claim to be. I just wish common sense was more common these days, and that respect and self respect were still part of our actions and vocabulary on a daily basis, not just when it suits our own purpose.