So it’s Friday and I find myself home alone as usual. For some reason on Fridays it doesn’t bother me as much to just be alone, relaxing, free to do as I please.
Now, Monday through Thursday seems to be a different story lately, and Saturday nights are just plain awful. Sunday is simply the day before work.
I’m not sure why all of a sudden being alone is an issue. Maybe the novelty finally wore off. But so did the novelty in dating. Sure I’m opinionated, and not your average girl, but I’d like to think I’m not ugly, maybe even pretty, slightly more intelligent than your average bear. And yet it seems to be the kind of pretty/different that attracts every single pervert and hood rat (is that the appropriate term to describe a guy?) who also happens to be in the dating world.
It is apparently too much to ask for someone who speaks (and types) proper English, has a real job, is self sufficient, wears clothes that actually fit, doesn’t mention sex in the first 10 minutes or less, actually says what they mean, is genuinely nice and easy going, and can carry on an actual verbal conversation using their real name and real phone number.
I knew this was going to be a very long, tough journey, but I way underestimated the abundance of…stupidity in the world. And I do mean World.
I am seriously starting to wonder if my expectations are too high. Couple them with the chemistry needed to start a relationship and you can kiss the actual relationship ideal goodbye. Granted, I haven’t been “on the market” for very long, which is why I’m still trying. I do believe that love exists, and that couples can still make it longer than just a few [days/months/years]. You just have to play it smart, and keep on trucking.
And never lose faith. There is someone for everyone.