Days like today make me mentally tired. I did 50 million things but feel like I actually accomplished nothing, and shutting off the mental list apparently isn’t going to happen tonight.
Yesterday I rescued some kittens. I’m very glad, don’t get me wrong, because to think about them alone outside was too much. So they are in my basement. But now I’m thinking about all it entails…vet bills and finding them homes. I can’t keep them, I have animals of my own. And yet having worked for a humane society, I know I can’t take them there. All of the rescue places are full. I don’t mind feeding and housing them, it’s the vet bills that will kill me. So on top of my usual personal money worries, I have four extra mouths to feed. It will work out, I know it will, it’s just getting there that’s hard.
Work was actually fun yet more stressful than normal. Sometimes I thrive on that stress. The pressure, the need to do it and do it now. Sure makes the day go faster. Having someone to talk to always helps.
The last portion is my amazing stupidity when it comes to dating. I don’t know why I expect any one person to be different. So I find myself dodging more people I should never have started talking to, all while cyber stalking a profile of the most awesome person I’ve been matched with to date. I’m really trying to not read it anymore, because I know in the end it won’t make a difference. No matter how much we might jive personality wise, it all comes down to initial chemistry. I understand and accept that, but it sure does suck sometimes. It makes me wonder what people think when they see my pictures…I would like to think they are classy and respectful, and I made sure I posted plenty with no make up and “extras” because I want to find someone who will except me for who I am every day, not just the who I present myself to be.
Is that too much to ask?
Hello migraine….time for bed.