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It’s amazing how fate intervenes sometimes. Your resolve weakening, your heart melting, and then BAM. A slap in the face. Not just a dose of reality, but a reminder – a warning – don’t go backwards.
I saw it firsthand today, and recognize that my resolve needs strengthening. I was sliding backwards in my thoughts, thinking my ex was actually a pretty good guy (which he really is) but I was avoiding the things that went wrong.
The ironic part is the biggest weakening was early today, and now, a mere 12 hours later, I see the folly of my ways.
I hate to be cliche, but once a liar always a lair. What kills me is it was so insignificant that I wouldn’t have cared had I known upfront. What angers me the most is to get the proof of the deception and then more lies after.
I’m done.
I deserve better. We all deserve better than to be lied to.
My favorite moment of the day: “You’re the ex?? What was he thinking?!? You’re gorgeous!”
A little compliment never hurt!! And I made a new friend.
Karma, ladies and gents.