So one pretty major obstacle I’ve come up against while dating is follow through. You show interest, I show interest back. You say you want to meet, well me too. Then…nothing. I offer my schedule, you say OK. Then…nothing.
All I wanted this weekend was a date. I did everything except go on a date. And yet had several interested parties Friday and Saturday.
I’m very direct, which I thought would be appreciated considering every males’ profile says “No drama” or “No games”. I reciprocate interest, follow your lead or take the lead on meeting and yet you fail to follow through every time.
I give up. Most of these people I don’t even approach. They approach me. I fail to grasp why the lack of follow through. I’ve given up trying to respond. If you can’t keep the conversation going, or follow through and actually meet, why would I bother to try? I just assume you lost interest or moved on, and who am I to barge in on your life?
I’m beginning to think I’m missing something about this dating thing. All I know so far is that it sucks ass and I’m ready for it to be over.