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If a guy liked you in school, he usually picked on you or made fun of you, just so you’d notice him. Well, in the adult world, I’m wondering if this is one of those cases, and if not, what the hell is it?

There are two guys I’m pretty interested in, but keeping my distance, because they do, or have done this weird thing where they talk about either their ex’s or their past really horrible dates. Repeatedly. Some of the stories are funny – I have some of my own – but why, if they showed interest first, and continuously pursue me, why do they like to talk to me about other women (in a negative manner)? Do they really want my opinion? Or are they trying to scare me off? Do they want just a friend? Or are they trying to tell me what not to do – which almost all of that shit I don’t, never have and never will do?!


I just remembered an incident where I hung up on one of them because he would not shut up. I like to talk, but damn, really, when it’s my bed time, it’s my bed time, and the world can kiss my ass. What did he do? Texted me the next day and everything was ok.

Is this a modern day adult version of middle school/high school flirting? What am I missing here? I don’t mind being just friends, but if we’re just friends then don’t bother me so much so I can have more time to talk to the people who are interested!