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So Mr. Should-be-wonderful-but-there-is-no-chemistry asked today if it was too soon to say I love you.

Should be sweet, right?

Wait for it…

Just wait…

It’s been 1 week.

1 freaking week ladies and gents. 1 date.

I never imagined I’d have to have “the talk” after a week! I was even willing to try another date. We get along great and can carry on great conversations. But I’m not looking for just one aspect, I’m looking for it all. I pushed aside my own thoughts and feelings in my last very long relationship, and frankly, I like being me. And I’ve come to realize that that “me” wants it all. I understand that we all have quirks and flaws, I know I have them. But I want the conversation skills AND the chemistry. That flutter you get when you see their name on your phone, or when you think about their smile. That is chemistry. I was even willing to see if this could develop, because my friends were trying to tell me that I was shielding too hard.

Apparently I wasn’t, cause dude is nuts. 1 week!!! And no, I’d like to think I gave off no signs of that. Hell, we hadn’t even verbally spoken to each other since the date!

I would say “next” but I’m not sure I want to try this shit again.

Next time I follow my gut. Because believe it or not, I was right. I usually am. But nooo, I let them convince me I was just gun shy.