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So lately life has been kind of sucky, and I’ve done some major reevaluations of what I want. I’m looking for a new job, got a tattoo worked on, and dumped a guy or two that just…weren’t going anywhere. But now the dating pipeline has dried.

I am an equal opportunity dater. I like all shapes, sizes and colors if the personality is great. Personality and intelligence go a very long way with me. I’ve gone out with men that are “too nice”, men who are complete assholes, men who are lying, cheating scumbags, and men that are perfect for me – except they don’t feel the same way about me.

One category I’ve not yet had the pleasure of dealing with is professional athletes. I know they carry a horrible stigma, but in reality, most men I’ve been out with match that same stigma. For some reason people put that stigma on professional athletes without acknowledging that many “normal” men act the same way, just not in such a public forum.

I figure if the Average Joe’s can dish it out, at least let me try a professional athlete, who’s main job is to stay in shape, play a sport they (hopefully) love, and get paid to travel. I’m not glamorizing it by any means, I know it’s a hard life. I am an independent, self reliant woman. I don’t need someone to take care of me, and don’t really expect anyone to do that. Would it be nice, sure, but I don’t ever see myself as the sit-at-home-on-my-ass-and-spend-someone-else’s-money type, a.k.a a gold-digger.  I’m more the type to be running 3 different businesses of my own while flying around the country to watch my [boyfriend/fiance/husband] kick ass in his chosen profession. That is what a relationship is all about, in my opinion.

So totally off track, but preseason in less than 12 days!!! Hot damn!!! Shout-out to my 9ers – let’s make it to the Super Bowl this year!

Ahem…Sorry. Have I mentioned how much I love football?

Anyhow, I think I made my point. And if you still don’t get it, Google image search Reggie Bush (ignore all the photos of that media you-know-what he dated), Vernon Davis, Clay Matthews, or Mark Sanchez. If you still don’t get it…I can’t help you. For those who got it, I’d still check out Google image search…

On that note, night ya’ll!