At 3 AM I’m asleep. I have to be up at 5. I do not enjoy being woken up at 3 AM. Especially when the message says nothing but “So am I that ugly???”
This came after a message from someone I had chatted with before, but he dropped me like a hot potato for whatever reason. Fine by me. But to come back more than a month later, send me a new message like we’ve never even spoken…I could’ve been rude amd responded but I didn’t. I just ignored it.
Then came the 3 AM idiotic message.
Unfortunately I’m a nice person.! What I wanted to say was “Yes you’re that ugly now leave me the F alone.” But I was polite and simply stated no he’s not ugly, but when we were chatting and then he disappeared so I figured he wasn’t interested. Needless to say I think I embarrassed him and haven’t heard from him since.
It doesn’t make me feel bad that he doesn’t remember me, but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna continue a conversation after you ignore me for months.
As I’m writing this about one dingbat I get a notification someone has added me to their “favorite” list.. someone I’ve already told I’m not interested. *Sigh* And he just sent another message…lord help me. This is why I don’t put my real location on my internet dating profiles.
Pardon me while I go politely tell off this poor soul.