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So for some reason I’m wide awake and it’s after midnight. I’m apparently do stressed or nervous about something I just don’t want to sleep. I have nothing planned tomorrow. This months budget has been shot to hell already so that’s stressful… but this is weird.
So to amuse myself I’m trolling the usual dating sites, and I must admit I feel better seeing how many other people are online right now. I can’t be a total loser if there are that many other people with nothing better to do…
Of course by simply logging on it’s like a beacon “SHE’S ONLINE!!! MUST SEND PERVERTED MESSAGE ASAP!!”
You think I’m kidding.
I logged on earlier to answer a message from someone I was talking to and in less than 5 minutes received two messages…one that I guess was supposed to be a compliment (misspelled words, cursing and all) and another where he tried to make a cute play on my user name (which is not cute, it’s irritating). Maybe I’m just in one of those moods, but damn, is it too much to ask to get a nice brain in a nice body every once in awhile? Correction-all that AND someone who actually responds to texts and/or phone calls more often than every 3 to 5 days.
Who am I kidding, I’m asking for the impossible!
OK, I’m done. My eyes are finally crossing with exhaustion. I hope you peeps had a more eventful-in-a-good-way Friday evening.