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I’m beginning to simply enjoy browsing dating profiles, and am seriously contemplating starting a business that helps people evaluate their profiles.

You’d think a lot of it would be common sense, but no. I still see daily pictures of men with their wedding rings on, and their profile stating “never married”. At least put Divorced. It no longer carries such a horrific stigma. Divorce, to me, is more common than marriage nowadays. And after a certain age you almost expect people to be divorced, not “never married”.

Oh, and what’s with the 50 something men sending me messages asking if I want to date them? I’m not even 30 yet. You’re old enough to be my father. A. We will more than likely not have anything in common. B. Your children are my age. C. Just no, I’m sorry, it’s not for me.

I chastised myself yesterday because I can’t seem to force myself to date someone rich who I just have “ok” feelings about. I’d love to find someone willing to pay all my bills and let me do what I want to do, but I’m looking for love. Foolish? Maybe. But I’ve come to realize being alone isn’t all that bad, and struggling alone simply means I don’t have anyone else to blame or argue with. Not a bad deal.

So I totally went off topic, but it’s all related really. Men, take your damn wedding rings off before you take pictures to post in an online dating profile. Also, if other people are in the picture black out their faces – especially if it’s other women or men more attractive than you. My last bit of free advice – WOMAN means 1, WOMEN means more than 1.

I’m guessing some things will never change.