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So I wake up this A.M. to a message on one of the dating sites. I was surprised because that’s unusual for me on this site.
So I log in to check it….and the first line is “So this is so and so’s now….ex girlfriend of about 3 seconds ago.”
#1 It is way to early for this shit
#2 In her message (oh I totally read it) she says she’s a great catch… Um, excuse me, you were only dating for a month, he supposedly gives you his password, and as soon as he breaks up with you you immediately sign in to his dating account and rat him out that he was still logging in while you were dating.
I think he’s damn lucky he dumped her now! A great catch would’ve walked away knowing it’s his loss. This does not equal great catch, this equals sore pathetic loser who had to have some sort of proof it was his fault and not hers.
Maybe I’m not awake yet, buy frankly, I’m siding with him on this and I don’t even know him or the whole situation.
One month! Run, man, run!!