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And it makes me feel stupid. I’m on the back end of my 20’s and have a crush. On a real person. A tangible living being close enough I can touch. But I can’t touch. Because….
I don’t really know why. He’s young (at least, younger than me). I chalk it up to that. I’m ready for the future and maybe he isn’t.
Or maybe he is and we simply misread each other.
Or maybe I just want him to be. I saw him once when I was out shopping, with a girl I assumed was his girlfriend. But I don’t know because I don’t ask.
He’s that person you flirt with, who flirts back, but you’re never really sure what’s going on.
And I’m too damn afraid to ask. I’ve been thinking of texting him all day, then I think what if he doesn’t answer. But what if he does…oh lord. I wish I could stop thinking about him!
The reason I can’t-that click. That feeling you get when you first meet someone that knocks your breath away. Damn that click.
Wow… I really am a girl huh. Well shit. Me being wishy washy is rare, and is not a good look for me. So I’m going to text him. No answer, who cares. I’ll find someone who will.
Which, by the way, there are 2 of.
Happy hunting!