So I texted my crush and he answered, but that was the end. Oh well. I’m not going to beg or be a pest. If he wants me he knows how to reach me.
The weird happenstance of the evening was right as I was falling asleep I get a text from one of the guys I had been chatting with for months. He had suddenly just stopped communicating almost two months ago, so I assumed he had met someone. I was wrong, and foolish me probably should’ve checked in. But needless to say he still thought of me so long after, which is awesome because I was developing a thing for him.
I know it’s cliche, but the saying is “when one door closes another opens”.
So cheers to cliches, because after a relatively sleepless and uncomfortable night (my fault for getting an inconveniently placed tattoo), and going in to a day full of b.s., I needed some good news and a reason to smile.