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So I got a nice email today but at the same time it ticked me off. I was talking with this guy was back in May. We hit if off instantly. Then he disappears. Whatever you know?
So now, today, I get a message from him apologizing for disappearing. He had a free trial to one of the sites and messaged a bunch of people and didn’t realize he never answered my email.
Most people would say bullshit or get peeved, but I don’t care. I know in real life shit happens. So I thanked him, and told him I had really enjoyed speaking with him too.
And that was the end of it.
What The Hell.
Wouldn’t it have just been easier to ignore me? Seriously? I mean I really do appreciate the apology but don’t make an open ended comment and then not respond.
I am SO absolutely tired of this dating shit. It has officially been 1 year and I hate it. Every day it pisses me off even more.
I think this week the last of my profiles expire and I’m done. Maybe I’ll suck it up and get out more around town. I might be alone but what better time to hit on me?!
Wait….that means I have to dress up…shit.
Maybe I’ll just pick up WoW or Halo or something.
Passive aggressive much?