I feel like today should’ve been an optional day. It started out with me having slept so hard and long on one side my entire leg hurt most of the morning. Customer meeting, then all hell breaks loose and next thing I know it’s 5. Typical day, sure, but as I left work I became irritated over a message a friend sent me. I think the irritation was on a personal level on their behalf, but at the same time irritation over my current situation and how some people might be better off where I am – single.

How many times do you try to make a failing marriage/relationship work? Do you try harder if there are kids involved? I know every situation is different, I do. But it seems to me that if you hate your life at home it seeps into every other aspect of your life. And your kids can see that. So can your boss and coworkers and friends.

I’m guilty of it, I’ll be the first to admit. However, when he finally got the courage to leave, he stayed gone. I think deep down we both realize that even as much as it hurts, it’s the right thing to do. Hating every day of your life is not living – it’s¬†surviving, barely.

The hardest part is moving on. Stepping outside of yourself and your comfort zone. Growing up. It sucks ass, I know, but sometimes we just have to.