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My ex and I have an agreement. Not a sexual agreement, a transactional agreement. It keeps us on relatively even terms so far.
Until today.
I get home and find out he washed clothes at my house while his girlfriend supposedly stayed outside. There are so many things wrong with that sentence I barely know where to being.
#1 I previously said she is not allowed on my property otherwise our agreement is moot
#2 the key to my house is not to be used for anything other than emergencies or removing more of his shit from my house
#3 he fucking washed their clothes in my washer and dryer
I’ve apparently been way too nice too long. I was so angry I cursed while on the phone with my mother. I never do that.
But regardless of how angry I am, and how I feel my private space has been violated, it’s my fault. I’ve allowed this farce to go on for over a year now. And I’m done. It hurts because it shouldn’t have to be like this, but unfortunately he started it when he left me.
Step 1 is to change the locks. Just asking for a key back isn’t enough, as I’m sure copies are floating somewhere. Step 2 is to demand my property back and dissolve our arrangement. Step 3 is to walk away completely. Not easy by amy means but apparently necessary, since he feels he can use my home as a second home.
Have I mentioned he used me as a reference when he and his new chica were looking for a place to live together?
Yeah, I’ve been way too fucking nice. Let’s hope I have the strength and resolve to say all of this to him directly. Otherwise what’s the point?