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It’s easy to be alone, but to be lonely is hard to bear. I find myself wishing for company other than the four-legged kind I have roaming my house. Sometimes a good conversation is enough, but sometimes it just can’t replace physical interaction. I don’t mean sex. I mean the non verbal communication between people.
We do it every day, during all sorts of conversations. But to have a meaningful conversation with someone I truly like? That makes my day. That is what I miss. That is what I crave. That is what I’m looking for.
Why is it so hard to find? I find myself turning away more people than I accept (as far as dating goes) because I rely in that spark, that instant connection where you just know that the other person is worth knowing.
Maybe I’m jaded. Or maybe I’m too lonely to see what’s right in front if my face.
Or maybe I’m right in that the art of conversation is dying. I find it harder and harder to carry on conversations with people, men and women alike, business related and personal. In this digital age we keep in touch too often, and everything we say, think or do is suddenly common knowledge around the globe. I no longer feel like I can pose random questions to my friends and have a lively debate, because so many people feel the need to interject bullshit instead of intelligent comments. I’ll gladly welcome your opinion if you are serious about debating the topic. If you choose to take the topic, twist it and go in your own person rant, go the hell away.
Social media has taken over our lives and, to me, no longer in a good way. I do truly believe that Facebook is not a good thing anymore. It was fun when you got to connect with people you hadn’t seen in years…but then the stupidity took over. Then comes Twitter, and the list goes on and on and on. When did these mediums replace face to face conversation?  Hell even phone conversations?? Most of the time I’ll call people and get no response, look at Facebook and damn if they didn’t post something 30 seconds ago!
Never mind what this has done to dating! I’ve got a few people I’m talking to that I’ve never spoken to before! That’s insane! But for some reason people choose to hide behind the shield of their cell phones and social media and think it’s perfectly acceptable.
It’s not acceptable to me. I need language and conversation and flirting amd intellectual stimulation! Is there any one else out there who feels the same?