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These new adventures in dating have made me focus more on who I am and what I like. I do find I have two pretty specific preferences, but that doesn’t mean I stick to just those two. Most of the guys in one of them don’t even look my way because I’m not their type. You get used to it.
There is a specific dating site that doesn’t not like for you to exclude your own ethnicity. However, men of my ethnicity normally don’t find me attractive and won’t give me the time of day. Why exactly would I want to waste time on an entire group of people who couldn’t care less about me? I don’t! I personally don’t see anything wrong with dating outside of your race. You get to experience new things and sometimes new cultures, and who knows, maybe find the love of your life.
But see, I don’t just get this treatment online, I get it in real life too. My body type warrants one type of attention and my attitude another. I’d be marries by now if I never met the person or played dumb in person. Neither case is going to happen!
I think it’s fair to focus on the groups who find me attractive, and keep the hope that I may actually find someone who not only enjoys what I look like but enjoys my intelligence as well.