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I am overweight. I am well aware of this fact and despise it on a daily basis. I am doing something about it but we all know it’s a helluva lot harder to get it off then it is to put it on.
I am so tired of men’s idiotic ideals. Sometimes I wonder if they truly know what a weight number means. I’ve seen some say no one over 140 pounds. Good luck to you jackass. Some poor woman who could be your perfect match coming in at 150 just walked away because you put a number on your profile.
I personally do not discriminate against overweight singles. Even when I wasn’t overweight and below the magical 140 it didn’t matter to me, and I still had a hard time dating. I guess the difference is I’m truly looking for a partner to spend my life with, not a hook up or just arm candy. I want a real person with real thoughts.
The thing that pisses me off the most is when someones profile says “no fatties” but they hit on me anyway. So what does that mean? I’m good enough to fuck in the dark but not good enough to date in the daylight? Kiss my ass. I’m a real woman that supports myself. I have a very specific reason I got the way I am and a very specific reason why I’m having a hard time getting back to the way I was.
I may have types I go for but if I find you cute, regardless of your body type, I’m going to hit on you. I find myself flirting daily but go in knowing most of these men don’t see me, they see my fat. Never mind my awesome hair, beautiful eyes, great smile and witty personality. I’m not skinny.
So coming down off my high horse, I do understand we all have our “types” we’re attracted to. But limiting yourself by putting a weight limit on your profile…you’re just an asshole and you so totally deserve all those high-maintenance high-drama shallow types you attract but say you don’t want to data anymore. I would say good luck but I’d be lying. Instead I’ll just laugh and move on, knowing that one day I’ll end up in a relationship with substance while you’ll be signing divorce papers. Ta ta!