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And why is it everywhere??
I cannot fathom why adding one extra letter to a word is such a hassle!
What. Not Wat. I don’t understand, nor recognize, Wat as a substitue for What. It’s bad enough I put up with “u” and “ur” and “ikr” etc etc but seriously-just put a damn H in the word and move on!
“Wat u doin”
Not you mother f*cker so move on.
Is it just me that is so irritated over the destruction of our language? English is universal. I’ll never forget an experience where two people from totally different countries reverted to English because that’s the only language they had in common! It was awesome!
And yet I see our language decimated on a daily basis. And not just by kids or teens, by adults! Supposedly college educated adults! I don’t have a college education and am not only able to spell properly (most of the time) but can even use words most people don’t even understand! With correct punctuation!
I am a word snob, and I am OK with that. I just hope this idiocy doesn’t rub off on me.