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Do you ever get tired of being understanding? I allow excuse after excuse and frankly I’m tired of it. Just own up to the truth. That is something I don’t always do myself and I think I need to.
One of the issues I didn’t want to put up with when going in to another relationship is children. For several reasons. There are attachments that get made, time spent and consumed, and a family unit created. But I broke that rule because…why? He was (is) a nice guy. Not pervy, or obnoxious. But a few weeks in and the writing is on the wall. It’s not just his kids that come first, it’s the rest of the package…meaning his ex and her family too. On the one hand it’s a good thing to have such a decent relationship with the “ex” half of the family. On the other hand I’m seeing how much the lines can blur very quickly. While I may talk to my ex, and have a rather straightforward business arrangement with him (that is ending), I don’t hang out with him or his family. Even after being together for so long I can’t do it. I don’t think I’ve even actually seen him in six months or more. But we have an unusual arrangement that a lot of people don’t understand, so I try to be more understanding when it comes to others weirs situations.
But at the same time I’m not looking to gain not only his family but his ex’s  family too. Maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself….but I’ve learned when you get those feelings you can’t explain, you usually should listen to them.