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Lately I’ve noticed words are harder to come by, my spelling and use if grammar are atrocious. Just in that one sentence auto correct fixed 2 words I misspelled. I used to pride myself on my vocabulary and my ability to speak well. However, it feels as if the older I get, the more mundane my life gets, the less my brain has to work. I’m on auto pilot.
This is not a hood thing. I need stimulation, intelligent conversation. U need non ignorant viewpoints and the ability to see and hear other sides to arguments. That is what I am lacking in my life.
Not a boyfriend, not any other material wants or needs-I need intelligent human interaction more often than I’m getting now. 
So how to do that? For starters, I guess I seriously need to look at college. I don’t relish the thought of going further in to debt, but at the same time I have to have that degree to get me out of this job rut I’m in. Maybe it will also provide some brain stimulation, and hopefully I’ll even meet some interesting people.
What can I do in the mean time? No clue, except keep reading. Read more news. Pay more attention to the world around me.
And stop surrounding myself with stupid people. That in itself would change a lot of things I think.