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I seem to be running on 90 to nothin. I’m so tired I don’t want to go to sleep. So many things have happened this week I feel like I’ve neglected to tell everyone the amazing amount of weirdness. So here goes….
Last Friday night I get my usual good night text message from a guy I’ve only ever texted with. Of course, to save time, he figured it would be easier to send it as a group text to the other 11 people he was “talking to”.  I did have some pretty funny moments texting the other chicas. We’re in agreement we dodged a bullet.
Last Saturday I didn’t have plans, so I slept all morning and read the rest of the day. During the day the guy I had been (actually) seeing asked what I was doing, so we made plans for that evening. The evening went well except for the constant presence of his cell phone. The next morning the cell phone was out WELL before it was even remotely appropriate, and he left abruptly shortly thereafter. Please keep in mind we’d been talking a while, and seeing each other for awhile. And by no means am I a prude. However, I’d like to think I deserve some respect, and what he gave me was severely lacking. I haven’t heard from him since, nor do I feel inclined to reach out to him. I’m seriously beginning to think he was still married. I have to admit, he played a good game, and I could be way off base. But I don’t think I’m too far off.
Sunday afternoon was surprising. I was doing class work when I got a random phone call from a guy I’d barely texted/emailed. I’m a talker, so for him to take the time to randomly call scored some brownie points. However, I’ve only texted with him one day since. Granted I’ve been really busy this week, but I’m looking for a relationships, not a fuck buddy or pen pal.
Thankfully the rest of the week was normal. A couple of stupid online requests for sexual relations. A couple of messages from guys that don’t interest me at all.
Today I received a message from a guy who has messaged me before, the first time several months ago. We hit if off so I gave him my number. Not surprisingly he never called. A few months later he sends a second random message, with no mention of the first one. I didn’t respond, so he sent me one asking “am I really that ugly”. I said no but we’ve talked before, I gave you my number and never heard from you. Of course I got no response. And lo and behold, today I got yet another message from him, with no mention of the first or second. I didn’t respond and will probably block him tomorrow. Enough is enough. Don’t ignore me because you think you’ve found someone better just to end up crawling back.
So now it’s Friday night and I’m fighting sleep. I have things to do tomorrow so it’s in my best interest to go to bed. One last thought…when I woke up Sunday morning I thought to myself, “I really miss [my ex]”. Sometimes you really don’t truly appreciate some things until it’s too late. I wonder if he wakes up thinking the same thing sometimes?