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I have recently had issues with animals getting ill, and it’s costing me a small fortune. I have lamented to my ex regarding said issues because the one that broke the bank is actually his dog. So he tells me he meant to give me $40, and so I go cash the check today. Worked out well, right?
Wrong. So flipping wrong I would punch him if he was nearby. In the nuts.
See, we had a joint iTunes account, amd I haven’t really figured out a way to separate it without losing my stuff and trying not to burn bridges. However, apparently he meant for said $40 to go to a $40 purchase….not to help out with the shit storm he left me with by walking out.
I’m not really surprised. This is classic, typical him. This is Numero Uno as to why I started having issues with him in the first place.
Let’s just say things like this are a great reminder that people don’t change.