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Seriously, how is it that EVERY DAMN MAN “loves the outdoors”. I shit you not 9.999/10 profiles have that phrase. THE EXACT SAME PHRASE. How is that possible?
Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy certain aspect of being outside….sunsets, sunrises, being on a boat in perfect weather, or just grilling out with friends. However, this, to me, does not constitute me “loving the outdoors”. Nor do I feel it necessary to specifically put these things on my profile.
To me it’s different if there is a specific reason, i.e. hiking, sky diving, surfing, etc. But that broad statement pisses me off. It’s generic. I don’t learn anything about you in that phrase, except for the fact that we probably won’t get along because a. You aren’t original enough to think up your own shit and b. I sunburn! Badly!
This phrase usually goes hand in hand with spending their free time “in/at the gym”. How many guys, once in a relationship, continue to spend 4 or 5 hours a day working out?
I do not personally enjoy gyms. I’d actually rather be working out at home or OUTSIDE playing tennis or throwing a football around. I also don’t want to date someone where our dating schedule has to work around their gym time, and that’s how a lot of these guys come across.
Is it just me? Is this just because I don’t have to have a guy with a rock hard body? Is that what they think women want? Or hell, is that what my personality profiles match me with because that’s how I come across, even though in actuality that’s not who I am at all?
Oy vey.