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Granted, my relationship didn’t end because of a “best friend”, but that seems to be a reoccurring theme. I’m wondering if it is similar to “the grass is always greener” phenomenon which is what I experienced.
To me that means they weren’t really your best friend, especially if it involved sneaking behind your back. Man up amd either walk way, or admit you have a problem.
Of course, that could be applied to everyone who thinks that cheating or lying is the correct answer.
News flash: It isn’t.
As I muddle my way through the dating world I find myself questioning everything someone says. Are they lying? Do they have an ulterior motive (which in my case the answer is Yes quite frequently)? It truly makes me wonder if I’ll ever really be able to let someone in again. I know I will eventually, but I’m beginning to think having the guard around my heart be a 12 foot privacy fence is the best course of action.
And that my friends are all married, not just dating, might be a good thing. Avoid their husbands at all costs and I’m great!
That all said, why do I feel so damn alone lately, but every time I have an opportunity to get close to someone I run screaming in the opposite direction?
Afraid of getting hurt? Maybe. Realizing I like time alone and being on my own schedule? Definitely. Not having to share space or answer to anyone? Absolutely!
Not having to worry about the “best friend” or “greener grass syndrome”? Priceless.