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1. A wing man/woman is acceptable sometimes. Have a code/plan in place for a single or dual exit strategy if necessary.
2. If you are the wing man/woman, flirting with the potential datee is not a good move unless the intended dater (aka the friend you’re there to support) really has no interest.
3. A kiss goodnight is ok. Tongue during the kiss goodnight NOT ok if you really like the person.
4. Texting soon after the date that you had a good time is a major plus and very reassuring. No text, especially after a kiss with an attempt at tongue means you just wanted ass.

Am I wrong in these rules? I feel like we’ve lost the courtship of dating. I want the romance, the spark, the good old fashioned build up to a great finale. Not tongue in flipping first date.

Also, a current pet peeve of mine is people who ask what you’re looking for and they say they’re looking for friends first. Well no shit Sherlock, isn’t that the ideal way to go about finding a relationship? I don’t think a lot of people meet for the first time and say “we’re going to date each other” without getting to know the other person. It’s implied, isn’t it?

2nd pet peeve since I’m on a rant…people saying things like “you’re stuck up” or “you think you’re better than me”. Well guess what mother fucker yes I am better than you are, because I don’t stoop so low as to call random strangers stuck up just because they don’t answer my messages. If I’m not interested I’m just not interested so move on! 15 messages including insults does not make you better than anyone – it actually makes you a sore loser, someone so desperate and uncomfortable being alone that you take your anger and frustration out on people you don’t know and will never know.

~end rant before I piss off a lot of people~