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So while my dating life is crazy, so is my professional life. I made it through last year, amazingly, but this year isn’t off to the greatest start. I’ve already managed to unintentionally “hurt” my managers feelings, so much so that she decided to remove half of one of my departments and only tell me after the fact. Please keep in mind that the “slight” she thought I dealt her was literally actually unintentional. I HATE having to watch what I say and do all the time. I am a manager, so much so that I often end up in charge, even if a “higher ranking” manager is at work. I don’t mind that, at all. What I do mind is when they only use it when it’s convenient for them. Like taking half my department. Or making rules for my departments and not consulting me first. 

I still haven’t learned to play the game. I’ve been in the workforce for 12 years now, and still don’t get it. Still don’t want to. I don’t think I should have to. If you’re at work, you need to act like it. I don’t want to hear all about your personal life, nor do I want to worry about hurting your feelings. Grow the fuck up idiots. If you fuck up at work, expect to hear about it. If I make a mistake I’m usually the first person to say something and fix it. I don’t try to hide it. I actually have to force my employees to write me up when things happen, because they’re quick to cover for me. Which is awesome! However, they don’t find it awesome when I don’t sweep their shit under the rug.

Grow up people. Is it like this everywhere? Or am I just that “special” that the backstabbing bullshit gets old quick? 

What kills me is we had a meeting where everyone learned stuff about everyone else, and lo and behold I’m different. I know that, but you’d think they would remember that. But no, because they are selfish, self involved idiots, they only care if I hurt their little feelings.

I really, really, really, just want to scream GROW. THE. FUCK. UP. But then I’d be fired. Worth it? I’m beginning to lean that direction. Tomorrow I may go confront my manager who decided to take over for me today, unasked. I’m tired of it. This is beyond “hurting anyone’s feelings“, this is fucking with my ability to do my job. And that, ladies and gents, is dangerous territory.