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Not really, but maybe if I repeat it long enough I will.

My ex totally ignored my lunch offer. A real man would’ve figured out how to turn me down, especially one I actually know and have history (good and bad) with. But you know what? At this point in my life I need security and stability. I need a real man, not a man-child. I learned that lesson the hard way and 7 years later I’m single again.

However, I did finally get a response from someone I find very attractive. I first met him several years ago, but have never really spoken to him outside of where we met. Have seen him over the years on and off, and last year (on the word of a mutual friend) sent him a message. Mutual friend was wrong (he wasn’t single) so I let it go. But he is single now, yay for me!, and sent me a message unexpectedly. Not my usual type, which might be a good thing. The best part, he asked me to go to dinner next week.

At first you might think “next week”? But my mom made a comment once that stuck with me – if they respect you, they’ll give you time to plan, not text you that afternoon to see if you’re free that night.


So I’m pleasantly surprised, and glad I’ve actually had some interaction with him before. And that we have a mutual friend. Wait…isn’t this what I’ve been bitching about….no friends with single friends? Hot damn kids, maybe it’s my turn.

Did I mention he’s hot?