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For me, at least, it’s men always assuming I’m going to jump in to bed with them. I’d honestly rather deal with rejection then fend off as many men as I do.

I used to think it was flattering. But then every request or message turned to “the sexy talk” quickly, if not immediately.

People, I kid you not, there have only been 3 guys in the past year and some odd months that actually wanted to talk to me, and go out on dates, before the subject ever even came up. The first got back together with his ex (long story), the second I let go because he was going down the wrong path (rather just didn’t want to follow a straight-and-narrow one), and the third turned out to be the biggest asshole I’d ever met (I’m still amazed how it passed me by for 3 months).

Every other guy has gone straight for the sex. Some blatantly, some in a more reserved manner, but eventually that’s what it came to.

It’s not attractive, and doesn’t make me feel attractive. It actually makes me feel horrible.

What’s a girl gotta do to just get a date for coffee or dinner? I’ll even pay my way!