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That statement pisses me off. If you want skinny, say skinny. Don’t bullshit your way around it.
I am not skinny. I am fat. I am currently doing something to correct that. I used to be skinny and not have weight issues. I lost my way and ended up unable to walk for a bit without the assistance of crutches, making fending for myself almost impossible. This combination resulted in way too much extra poundage, and I am finally ready and motivated to get it off.
However, that does not mean I don’t find phrases like that insanely irritating. Sometimes fat isn’t a choice. Sometimes there are medical reasons, sometimes there are deep seated issues, sometimes a person has never been skinny and never will be. That is no excuse. I can say that because I’ve dated guys who were in the “morbidly obese” category. My current preference is actually stocky, not rail thin or covered in muscle. I want some substance to hold on to.
That being said, I know you have to be attracted to a person to make a relationship work. However, excluding someone you’ve never met because they don’t qualify themselves as “thin”, or because you assume you cannot be attracted to a “fat” person, you are severely limiting your dating pool.
When I weighed 123 pounds as a teen I thought my thighs were too big, my butt was too big and my boobs were too small. 123 is not fat. 123 is damn tiny. But I couldn’t see it then. And since I became fat I think I have a much better appreciation for what I took for granted. I also know I’ll never be that thin again, and I’m ok with that. Now, I just want to be heathy. If I make it that far again that’s great. But if I don’t, that’s ok too.
Because some men like curves, and I’ve found I prefer those men that do.