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Well yes, if you’d open your eyes dumbass. Real women are everywhere; the problem is you are looking for an ideal that doesn’t exist.
I have ideas about what I want, but I also know I’ll never find someone that is exactly what I think I want. It’s called free will, and we’re all born with it.
I think I want tall; if he’s not that’s ok.
I think I want an animal lover. If he’s not, that’s ok; he just has to realize I’m a package deal.
I think he has to at least like tattoos. If not, that’s ok; just don’t bitch about me getting more.
I think he has to be liberal in his views. If not….well, if not we probably won’t get along to be honest. At least some liberal views. I really don’t see me and a diehard conservative Republican making a life together.
There are things way more important than what we think we want. Are they nice? Are they polite? Do they actually listen when you speak? Does their smile make your heart flutter? Does he talk to his family? And be nice to them? Does he treat you like a human being being or like a piece if property?
I do truly understand that chemistry is important. But don’t mistake chemistry as proof of the possibility of love. When the initial lust fades, what’s next?