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I am so desperately waiting for this weekend to be over. So much so I’m up well past my usual hour and doing stupid, inane things to pass the time. You see, the object of my very recent post For a moment… contacted me yesterday after a 2 month hiatus with some news that left me conflicted. I am deeply sorry for his situation, but the end result could mean, that at some point sooner rather than later, he would be back in my life. I thought it quite ironic, considering how recently I thought I saw him, especially given it was a place where he used to work.
The situation is complicated, more so than I usually like to be involved in, but given the depth, and length, of my feelings I feel I need to tread carefully, but that I need to dare to tread.
Of course, I could be blowing the whole thing out of proportion, and Monday comes and nothing has changed. But for once it would be nice to think that happiness, or at least a chance at real happiness, is finally within my grasp.
Keep your fingers crossed for me kids, I’m hanging by a thread.