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I rarely develop a crush on a public figure. I find it hard to crush on someone who is always in the public eye. However, I will admit I have a pretty significant crush on 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, he is intelligent, artistic, thoughtful, not too flashy, and wasn’t ashamed to cry in a very emotional moment on national television (I’m pretty sure I was crying too). He’s young (hard to believe only a little older than me), but has been loyal to the same team that drafted him in the beginning. He has already started his own company, funded charity events and opened an art gallery. I could be way off base and completely wrong about the real him. So please, if you know better, don’t ruin it for me. I like thinking that there is at least one guy out there that is my age who is a man – not a child in a mans body. Author’s Note: But if you do know the real him, and he’s for real, please feel free to direct him to this blog post. I’d love to chat with him. I’m not kidding people.