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I wish my cough medicine was stronger. That would mean I could sleep well and take tomorrow off while feeling better!

But no, probably not. And I’ll probably roll out of bed tomorrow as usual and stumble in to work,  because that’s what I do.

A temporarily good thing – I had a very cute, intelligent guy message me. The bad thing? He didn’t have a subscription so couldn’t see my pictures. Since I sent them I haven’t heard back. There’s a reason I chose the pictures I did, because they are the real me. No makeup. No fancy clothes. Just me. Now I have a few where I look pretty damn good, but that’s not the every day me. Why would I want someone to be attracted to that when I know I won’t go to the trouble to look like that every day? And I’ve finally come to realize that it just means they aren’t attracted to me. There are plenty of people out there who are, and who have been.

I did get some very nice comments from coworkers today because I wore makeup. I usually don’t because of my allergies, and it makes me break out, but I was having a very important photo made and I wanted to look my best. Does this mean I’ll wear makeup every day? Hell no, I prefer dry eyes and no pimples. Did it make me feel good (even though I felt like shit)? Of course it did. But I want people to see past that. If you don’t like me for the every day me then I don’t want to be around you.

Simple enough, right?