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I hate this fake holiday. I really do. Always have, even when I was in a relationship. Maybe I take more of a stereotypical guy mentality when it comes to holidays and anniversaries – enough already! I mean damn how many gifts do we have to buy just because the calendar says so?!?

I much prefer little things throughout the year,  because it means that when he/she was out somewhere, they saw something that reminded them of me for some reason, and took the initiative to buy it and gift it. That means something. You buying me red roses (which I hate) because the calendar says it’s February 14th means nothing – because I hate them. You put no thought in to it at all. And I’m allergic!

But I digress…

I saw a comment the other day that resonated with me (wording changed around by me) – stop bitching about being single on Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of people without mothers or fathers that have to experience Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and don’t bitch about those, or people who have lost soldiers who don’t bitch about Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day. Amen.

Get over yourselves people! Enjoy being single! You get to eat what you want to eat, watch what you want to watch, go where you want to go and aren’t freaking held accountable to ANYONE about ANY of it! You can dance naked and sing at the top of your lungs and leave dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor and on and on and on. THAT is worth being single.

Now don’t get me wrong, if I could find someone I could do all of the above around and they still stuck around – I’d probably marry them. Quickly. But until then, I will not compromise on doing what I want to do. Period.

Side note – I forgot to mention that after getting used to it, sleeping alone is AWESOME. No one breathing in my face, taking the blankets, snoring, coughing, moving around constantly, etc etc etc. Don’t get me wrong, it would be really nice (especially when it’s rainy and cold) to have someone to cuddle with, but I’m going to enjoy this while I can.