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I had a stressful week. I’m having issues at work and issues at home (obviously not referring a relationship here, it feels like my house is falling apart). So I’ve vented quite a bit more than usual this week to my mother.

Now I love my mother, I really do.

I love her so much I moved out at 17. 

When I bought my house I was with my ex. We had visions and dreams of what it could be. Needless to say only part of that was realized, and it ended up being all my choices (because God forbid he made a decision about anything – BTW he cited me as “too controlling” as a reason for him leaving…how many times can I ask “what do you think?” or “what would you prefer?” and not getting an answer do you think I’ll stand? After the 500th time I just freaking gave up….anyway)…

So I’m still in process of remodeling. I think all of us who own are probably in some stage of a renovation project, be it big or small. Mine happens to be huge.

So while talking to my mom she’s been offering to come help out, financially and physically  I should be overjoyed, especially if she’s willing to pay. 

However, I am not. At all. 

I don’t want her here. Just talking about stuff on the phone she’s already negating my ideas, and just a little bit ago she said “you’re just over reacting.” Bull fucking shit am I over reacting, I can show you what it means for me to over react.

Anyway…so I finally make contact with “a guy” (i.e. family friend) to seriously come take a look at my latest issue. No big deal, right? Wrong. Instead of my family member coming back to me and saying “hey, ‘guy’ can help out tomorrow, what time do you want us there?” I get “hey I just talked to your mom, she’ll be here at 9 to pick me and ‘guy’ up and we’ll be at your house after!”


So instead of a relaxing Saturday morning doing whatever the hell I wanted to do, I get that instead. I’ll adjust my attitude because there will be someone else around, but damn if she isn’t going to hear about this. I have had it with her still trying to tell me what to do. She should know better by now, I don’t take kindly to that, especially when I know I’m right.

And by the way, I know I’m right about this issue. So tomorrow I’m sure my attitude will improve when this expert confirms what I said. She better be willing to pull out that checkbook too.

Why do I feel like I’m a child all over again? I didn’t like it then, I damn sure don’t like it now!