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I’m sure by now you’ve all picked up on the fact that I love animals, and I’m a bleeding heart when it comes to animals in need, regardless of the fact that I’m flat broke.

I feed some stray cats on a daily basis, and look after them as much as I can. Recently one of them that’s been around the longest was injured in a fight. I gave her antibiotics when I could, and it seemed to be healing rather well even though she’s outside all the time.

I hadn’t seen her in a few days. This isn’t unusual by any means. But since today was Sunday I was out earlier than usual feeding them, and I saw her hobbling towards me. Literally dragging her back leg. I don’t know how long she’s been hurt, but she must’ve been starving to drag herself all the way down to get food.

A little background here: I bought my house around 5 years ago. I had a cat that I loved dearly (see A sadness I cannot shake). She was strictly inside and she was essentially the love of my life. She meant the world to me. One day I saw a very similar cat outside and almost had a heart attack – turns out it was my baby’s doppelganger.  Ever since then I’ve had a connection with that outside cat, and now that my inside baby is gone I’m pretty attached to the other.

This is the cat that is now severely injured. It hit me pretty hard. I would’ve been upset with any injured animal, but this is one I care for and see daily. I hesitated – I’m on the brink of financial collapse and my family is helping – the last thing I need is to take on the financial responsibility of a stray cat.

But that’s not me. I came inside and grabbed a carrier and some canned food, and tricked her inside. She’s not happy with me. She’s currently in the carrier in my basement. She’s so hurt I couldn’t just leave her out there. It’s not fair, she can’t fight back.

So in the morning I’m taking her to a vet that works with our local humane society. I’m going to be very upfront with them and explain my situation. I know they can’t do stuff for free, but maybe they could let me make payments while I try to find the money. It’s not like I’m going anywhere, and she’ll need to be there for awhile if she can be healed. I’d always said I would never let an animal suffer, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to start now.

After I talk to the vet tomorrow I’m thinking about starting a donation page/drive to get help. Any money that doesn’t strictly go to her vet bills would go to the humane society to help their community spay/neuter program. Because if that program had better funding and more assistance I may not be in the position I am (not only the injured stray in the basement but the kittens I rescued last summer).

Has anyone ever tried anything like that? Or have a program they can recommend? I know money is tight all around for everyone, but even though it’s tight for me I always donate a dollar or two when I can. Heck I even recently bought 125 pounds of cat litter for the humane society because they needed it. I’m just hoping there are people out there like me, that don’t mind spending a few bucks to help out where they can. But if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.