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Wouldn’t it just be easier to say Hi?

I’m the first to admit I don’t always get jokes. I’m a very literal person, and the older I get the worse I am. That doesn’t mean I don’t like jokes, and I can laugh at myself, but when something just flat out isn’t funny, it just isn’t. Whether I got it or not.

That about sums up my first week back in to the dating game. That, and the ever consistent fact that I HATE people who cannot write/type/speak proper English, unless it isn’t your first language. I know not everyone is good with words, or can spell everything correctly 100% of the time (myself included), but seriously, once you’ve graduated high school you should be able to form a coherent sentence and not misspell or misuse the simplest words (i.e. like Thanks…really?).

I still haven’t worked up the nerve to blindly walk up to a guy and ask for his number. The one time I did that I got the number, but turns out he couldn’t/wouldn’t commit to anything. The worst part – I still have to see him occasionally, and he’s still just as drop dead gorgeous as he was the first time (even better, damn it). The spark is still there, and not just on my part. But for whatever reason he hides behind his fear, and I move on with my life. Damn it.

Tomorrow’s another day. Maybe this week will show some sort of forward movement – either in the one (or rather, two or three) I’m half assed waiting on, or maybe a new prospect will ride in. A girl can dream.