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And that’s a fact.
Not that I’m bothered by that, because my preferences don’t usually run to the pale faced men.
The irritating part about liking men of different colors is the reaction from everyone else. My mom has even asked me before what I have against white guys. I let her know I have nothing against them, it’s them who have a problem with me. My lips are too big and my body is too curvy. This might be a stereotype, but in my experience most white men prefer thin stick like women with boobs.
I am not stick thin, never have been, don’t really want to be. I’ve always been plush in areas most other white women aren’t, and I love my lips.
All that being said, it doesn’t mean I won’t drool over a bad boy type with tattoos and piercings. My last post was based on a real life interaction, just changed and embellished. If it ended like my post did I wouldn’t be here right now typing this. He’s damn hot, and smart to boot. And white! But young; too young to want what I want. And that’s ok; at least I can say I tried.
And I totally just gave my number out. Baby steps, but I’m getting there. And no, he wasn’t white. But he’s very nice to look at, nice, has a good job, wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and speaks proper English. If you meet those criteria I don’t discriminate against the color of your skin.