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So I get that excuse all the time at work, “I didn’t do it”…”it wasn’t me”…

I love it, especially when they’re lying to my face. (sarcasm people)

But in dating? Sometimes, it’s the truth. I absolutely hate it when you’re having a decent conversation with someone and then they just stop. Doesn’t matter how they were conversing – you’ve put a lot of effort in to these emails/messages/texts/etc, and they just fall off the face of the Earth.

Mother fucker.

It’s frustrating because I know who I am, and I know that I am a kick ass girlfriend. And, I know I’m good looking (it definitely helps when I get messages with nothing but “sexy” or “gorgeous” or “beautiful”; talk about positive reinforcement).

But I’m also opinionated, white (see previous post), overweight, curse quite a bit (though not at first), and am very passionate in certain areas of my life (bedroom included). I exude confidence – I kid you not. More often than not I scare people away because I don’t seem like I need anyone else. Which I don’t. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want someone to cuddle with, or go to the movies with, or go to dinner with. That also doesn’t mean I’m actually 99% of the time too afraid to say anything out of fear of rejection. The guy I finally gave my number to? Not a word since.

I hate having to censor what I say, or second guess myself with every email/text/call/etc. I do that enough at work; when dating I should be able to be myself.  ~Side note – I will admit I changed my pictures around to show the more “flattering” side of me, thanks to feedback here, but it hasn’t really made a difference in quantity or quality. At least not yet – I did just start back.

OMG stop with the fucking Deuces people. It’s not cool. Sorry… Nor is it cool to dress like a thug, ever. Period. Just stop. It’s especially stupid when you’re 40. With  children. Can I actually say that to people? “I won’t respond to your messages because you’re ‘throwing up the deuces’ in your pictures”? Cause I’d sure like to.

Just got another message telling me how pretty I am…2 in 13 minutes…this happens a lot, even when I had the other pictures up. While flattering, most comments are from people I would never considering dating for various reasons.

Can you tell I just logged on?

But still no message from the guy I do want to hear from. Whatever. I’ve got shit to do. Ciao y’all.