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“Drugs: sometimes”

My question: And you have “drugs: sometimes” meaning…?

His response: what lol

….I give up kids.

Even better….there is a troll who WILL NOT leave me alone. I’m pretty sure he does it to all the women, but I’ve had enough. His emails always, ALWAYS, start out with “so how do you feel about cuckolding”  or “do you like to wear the pants in the relationship”.


He messaged me again last night, this time on a different site. I don’t know if I’m better reporting him or ignoring him. I’ve tried it all, and he just keeps coming back. What a dumbass.

I’m tired. I need sleep. Maybe tomorrow will bring a rational, semi normal, semi attractive guy with brains, tattoos and/or piercings, and muscular arms, who doesn’t mind me being a work in progress. I’m not asking for much.

Positive note – one of my pairs of skinny fat jeans is actually loose on me!!! Woo hoo! I would dance if I wasn’t so damn tired!!