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I said something tonight that I regret, but can’t take it back. Not romantic relationship related, but tattoo artist related. I love the ones I have, but one isn’t as realistic as I wanted. In the beginning I loved it, but the more I look at it, and look at the images it was supposed to be, I’m not 100% happy. Now I haven’t told him this, and should’ve kept my damn mouth shut, but I went to a different place tonight and said those words. And of course the new artist knows my artist – he’s a leader in the local industry. Now I feel like I’ve just said the greatest artist ever sucks. He isn’t the greatest, but he is amazingly good at what he’s good at. I probably should’ve said something to him, but what do I do now? I’ve opened my mouth to someone else and feel like I’ve broken an unspoken rule. Am I an idiot for feeling guilty about it?