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I want a man who loves animals like I do, and doesn’t/wouldn’t hesitate to pick one up on the side of the road.

I want a gamer, but one who can enjoy reality too.

I want a man with tattoos. Piercings optional.

I want someone who will challenge me to think outside the box.

Ideally he would be a reader or writer, or at least have a love for the written word.

I want him to be passionate, and have compassion.

I want to be attracted to him for his looks and his personality.

I want someone confident enough in himself that I can still be my own person without getting jealous.

He must be OK with public displays of affection, like hand holding. And enjoy physical closeness without it always being about sex.

He MUST be open minded. No racism, bigotry or hatred of any other based on color, religion, or sexual orientation (etc). He must be able to see both sides if a story, but not limited in his beliefs to never change or accept others.

It has been over a year and a half since my relationship folded. I have learned I can do amazing things when I put my mind to it, and that I can even do some of them alone.

What I want now is someone to appreciate the world with me. But he’s proving more elusive than I ever imagined.

Am I expecting too much?