I have an odd mixture of feelings this week. Considering it’s only Tuesday, something’s really off.

I am completely disgusted at what ever idiot thought that bombing the Boston Marathon was a good idea. I am so angry. Why? Just why?

I get the feeling that it was a domestic terrorist – some jackass who got miffed at some perceived slight. Kind of like these dumbasses who think it’s appropriate to shoot up a school because “mommy didn’t love me enough” or “my girlfriend broke up with me”. People, my father is a convicted child molester – you don’t see me out shooting up schools, or blowing people up do you? Grow the fuck up. They are the lowest of the low; I wish we had a way to weed them out early in life. And don’t tell me there aren’t signs to point you to the ones who might do this shit in the future. There are.

But also come feelings of disgust when I find out a random citizen tackled a man who is here as a student – he just happens to originally be from Saudi Arabia. You’re telling me, out of the ENTIRE group of people running for their lives, in total and utter chaos, you tackle the one person who isn’t a “standard” American. If I’m not mistaken, people travel from all over the world just to be in these crazy marathons. So, pray tell, what the fuck you were thinking random citizen? Your first thought is to tackle an injured person because of his skin color instead of helping the people WHO LOST LIMBS. I can honestly say my first thought would not have been to look for a culprit, it would’ve been to assist where I could or get the fuck out of the way.

Granted, I may be wrong. I can only read little bits and pieces regarding the tragedy without getting so pissed off I have to stop. I refuse to watch video. It makes me sick to my stomach, just like reading about all the people who stopped to tweet or Facebook instead of getting out of the fucking way or helping.

I hide my grief in anger, I’m aware of that. Anger is second nature to me, and is so much easier to process. However, that doesn’t mean that my heart doesn’t go out to those poor people, to everyone involved. I hope we find out why this happened, so there is closure. I, for one, would like an explanation. And justice.