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I need conversation. I need flirtation. I need to go out with someone who actually wants to spend time with me.
I’m not trying nearly as hard as I used to. I keep waiting for the universe to bring me The One. But I wonder if the universe thinks I need more time. I’m still floundering. I feel better about myself, but still feel like something is missing. Almost like there is a part of me I haven’t discovered yet.
Until then, I’ll keep learning, doing and exploring. I’m making new friends an meeting new people. I’m not hiding anymore. I even wore a pair of capris this week, in public! Oh, I also got accepted in to college too, and should start this month. It’ll put me majorly further in debt, but with no degree I’ll just continue to flounder.
I hope everyone out there is hanging in. I’ve been so busy I’ve barely been able to keep up with things going on around me.