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While looking for a picture on my computer tonight I ran across a folder of my ex’s pictures. In that file were several, SEVERAL, images of nude women THAT HE KNEW.
Now believe it or not I’m a fan of porn, so naked pictures of women are not the issue. It’s the pictures with names of people he knew, worked with, our had “become friends with” online.
I honestly want to throw up. It’s a damn miracle I didn’t end up with an STD or HIV. Granted, there towards the end I couldn’t really stand to be around him, much less have sex, but still. It still hurts, even though I don’t want it to.
But the hurt is fading fast, especially when I think about that poor dumb idiot he’s with now. Did she really know the extent of his infidelity? Granted, I still believe he didn’t have sex with most of them, if any, because he knew I’d throw his ass out. However, I really do wonder if she has any idea what he’s capable of.
I apparently didn’t and I was with him for 7 years.
Life goes on. I’ll eventually find someone who actually cares about me, and wants to be with just me. That’s what matters most.