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So work was slow, as expected. I was let off an hour early, so I swung by wally world to pick up a certain drink mix I like. This is the only store in a 50 mile radius that carries it. While there I grab a pizza, and run back to grab some toilet paper.
I almost literally run in to my ex. Shopping with the woman he left me for and her kids.
I held my head high, smiled, said hey how are you and even responded! I walked quickly though so I could get the hell out of there.
I made it all the way to my car before I lost control. Even after almost two years it still hurts. I figure after 7 of being together that’s ok.
I recovered though, and even stopped to see some friends and talk it out. I felt much better.
So I get home to find my mailbox vandalized, the week after someone stole a package. So I called the police to file a report.
And guess what?
Damn if the officer wasn’t a hot, single guy amd EXACTLY one of the types I prefer!
After talking for about 20 minutes, he totally asked for my number and gave me his card.
Talk about a full 360 in the span of 2 hours.
Do I feel better about myself? Hell yes! I can’t wait to talk to Mr. Officer again! Even if we don’t talk again, he made my night. Really, more like my year.