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So I did it, I sent a text. And he immediately called! Now if that’s not interest I don’t know what is.
The conundrum I have now is that I’ve got 3 guys who seemingly want to date. I got lucky last night and guy #3 was too busy to stop by, but guy #1 wanted to spend time together at the same time guy #2 wanted to talk.
I don’t do this very well, and I don’t enjoy it at all. I don’t want to cut the wrong one loose, because I might pick the wrong one. #3 is exciting because he’s new, and he fits everything I’m looking for. I thought #1 did but… And that’s the problem. There is a “but”. I like #2 but….  So I’d rather focus on #3 who hasn’t had time for me to pick a “but”.
It’s not like any one of them has said anything about being a couple.
Although I can’t wait to be a couple again. I’m tired of this dating!